Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Have a No-Soap Scum & Mildew Free Bathroom


Shaklee Get Clean products can help you to remove soap scum, most mildew, and safely disinfect your bathroom without harsh chemicals that damage your lungs and are absorbed into your skin. It is also safe for the environment.

To Get Ready
· Order your Get Clean Starter Kit (allow approx. 5 days to be delivered)
· Carefully package other products with chemicals and dispose of properly
(Tax deductions can be made if donated to a charity.)

Overall Cleanup: Getting the old bathroom in shape!

Step 1: Remove soap scum

Basic H Spray (Ladybug spray unit): Dilute ½ capful Basic H in warm water in the spray unit. Spray on soap scum, let soak for about 30 seconds. Use a Scour Off paste on a Miracle Pad. Enjoy fragrance and notice the lack of chemicals in the air and on your skin. Rinse with clear water.

Step 2: Remove or Prevent Mildew and Disinfect

Basic G Spray. Dilute ½ capful of Basic G Liquid in warm water in the spray unit. Spray on tile and grout. If mildew is lodged in grouting or seams, brush with full strength Basic G liquid, let set one hour, then rinse. Use to disinfect your trash cans, toilets (especially around the base of the toilets.)

Nature Bright. Need more brightening/whitening? Make a paste of Basic D (Dishwasher concentrate) or Nature Bright (natural enzyme laundry brightener) and Scour Off paste. Brush on with a toothbrush, let set for a while, then rinse.

Basic G wipes can also be used to disinfect light fixtures, door handles, toilet bowl handles, shoes, sandals, purses, car steering wheels, and other surfaces that may be sensitive to water sprayed on them.

Step 3: Remove Film from Mirrors & Windows
Basic H Spray (Butterfly spray unit): Dilute only 2 to 3 drops in water in the spray unit. If you have been using other glass cleaners, you may get streaks until the oil residue they leave is cleaned off. Wipe dry with Shaklee’s special window cloth that does not leave lint particles like paper towels or some cloth rags.

MAINTENANCE: How to Keep the Bathroom Soap Scum and Mildew Free

After removing the old soap scum and mildew, follow these directions to better maintain your new, clean and shiny bathroom. You will find that your bathroom does not get dirty as quickly and that it is easier to clean. You will spend less time and improve your health by not using chemicals and soaps in your bathroom.

Step 1: Shakleeize your bathroom. Replace products with Shaklee’s personal care products.

There will be no ugly residue collecting in your tub, on the tile or glass walls. No bathtub ring!

Soap: Handwash Liquid Soap ( at sinks or in the shower, it is good for the whole body and has a slight lavender fragrance), Meadowblend Bar (oatmeal and vitamin E, great for your skin), or Enfuselle Shower Gel. Good for shaving, too.
Shampoo and Conditioners: Prosante Shampoo and Conditioner
Step 2: Tips to Maintain

If bathtub tiles are very sensitive to mildew, then spray with Basic G after each time after showering. No rinsing required. Sometimes old caulking needs to be removed and new put on. Then Basic G will help keep it clean.

Continue to use Basic H for counters and mirrors as needed.

Use a Basic G Spray or Wipes to disinfect toilet seat and cover when needed.

Use either a few drops of Basic H or Basic G in toilets to keep clean and deodorized.
The Shaklee Difference

Shaklee products are always safe, always work, and are always green.

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