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Common Objections to Buying Green Products

Common Objections to Buying Green Products

These are the most common objections I hear from people about why they do not want to change from buying household cleaning products.

~Natural doesn’t work as well
~It is too expensive.
~I can buy it easier at the grocery store.
~I don’t believe these other products are harmful.

While there are some of the natural products that don’t work well and may be expensive, this is not true for all products. And while you may find it is easier for you to pick up products from the store, there is a hidden cost of doing so which includes extra fuel consumption and more money spent per usage so there is more spent over the long term. (See the previous blog on How Can Cleaning Products Make a Difference in the Environment.) For those who don’t believe that products made from chlorine and ammonia and similar chemicals are not harmful, they need to check out more of the statistics on illness and death caused by these chemicals.

Now you don’t have to choose between doing good for the planet and doing good for yourself. Shaklee’s Get Clean products meet all the requirements to create a safe environment and to be economical too.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Safe for you, your pets, and the planet!
.No harmful ingredients, fragrances, or artificial ingredients have ever been put in Shaklee products
.Quality control checks before and after processing ingredients to ensure pure ingredients and cleanliness of processing
.Scientifically proven to work
.Made from corn and coconut sources
.Green Seal and Kosher Seal
.Concentrated, no water added
.Environmentally packaged

2. Shaklee Corp., a Company with a Proven Reputation and Who Walks their Talk
.Basic H was first Earth Day product
.Used by many environmentalists such as Will Steger and Jacques Cousteau
.Endorsed by many famous people, such as Oprah Winfrey
.First company to receive the Climate Neutral Award (for offsetting carbon footprint to zero.)
.Winner of the Stevie Award for Environmental Responsibility
.Each year sale of product eliminates more than 23 million pounds of greenhouse emissions and prevented more than 10 million pounds of landfill waste compared to conventional ready-to-use household cleaners

3. Using Shaklee’s Get Clean Products Saves You $$$$
· Products are concentrated, no water or fillers added. There is a significant reduction in cost per load. Basic H2 is the most economical products.

Basic-H2 (Member price: $10.35)
Dilute 2-3 drops in spray bottle, 1 quart Basic-H2 makes 758 bottles of window
cleaner (758x$3 = $2,274)
Dilute ¼ cup in spray bottle for general cleaning; 1 quart Basic-H2 makes 60
bottles of general cleaner (60x$3 = $180)
· Shaklee offers bonus/rebate programs which can relate to offsetting all your costs for all the products you purchase every month! You could save $1,000 a year or more by switching brands and participating in this program.

Best way to get started: Get Clean Starter Kit – (contains one of each product)
Save $3,400 over conventional products
Will keep 108 pounds of packaging waste out of landfills and eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gases (equivalent of planting 10 trees)

Now wouldn’t you like to use products that give you this type of results and to support a company that has gone to this type of effort to walk their talk?

Check out more about the Shaklee Difference:

How to Purchase
Get Clean is not sold in stores, but can be purchased by going to:
Become a member to receive 15% price difference and other benefits offered by Shaklee.
For an appointment to take a closer look at products, contact:
For more information on meetings: (Slim Up & Be Healthy Meetup)

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